Silver's Soliloquy through the years...

A website is constantly changing. There are seasonal decorations and complete changes of design. To record these, I've created this page, so you can see how the Soliloquy has changed since it's initial launch in January 2000.

The Year 2001...

We first started out with a free host, 9ug, at the beginning of 2000. However, when 9ug changed their policies from neat little advertising links to really obtrusive pop-ups and banners, we decided to move in April. The Soliloquy found a new home at Slashcity. In August '01, was hijacked by some sex site and all customers moved to By November, Slashcity won the lawsuit and moved us back to

The year's highlights....

September 11th 2001:

September 11th 2001
~ hit count 16231~

In respect of the victims of New York City on September 11th 2001, Silver's Soliloquy remained silent for 24 hours.

September 2001:

September 2001
~ hit count 16721 ~

After that, we kept a black ribbon at the right hand corner to remember the victims which stayed until the end of December 2001.

December 2001:

X-Mas 2001
~ hit count 20136~

Getting seasonal! For x-mas 2001 we put up this neat mistletoe! Come and give a kiss! ^_^

January 2002:

X-Mas 2001
~ hit count 21226~

To celebrate our first anniversary, a nice little bowtie has been added at the right hand corner! Yay! *throws confetti*

~ hit count 26006~

June is Gay Month and so we decided to wear a little pride color to ceeeeelebrate good times, come on!

~ hit count 29988~

For this year's Halloween we put on a bit of a spooky decoration. I'm sure everything got sick and tired of it since it stayed on so long! ^_^;

December 2001 by Silver; all the graphics are copyrighted by Silver's Soliloquy.