The Update Logbook 2001


Seasons Greetings! ^_~


Added a painting of Alexander to the gallery.


Added three more paintings, this time the Seven Devils, to the gallery.


Added two paintings to the gallery.


Added some quotes to the quotes section. I put the here any there, so if you're desperately interested, you have to look closely.


A painting of Amadeo has been added to the gallery. Adding direct links to the Logbook now if possible!


Returned from black-out, but with black ribbon and donation links. Updates have been made though. Another piece of art added to the gallery. More to come soon.


Silver's Soliloquy joined the black-out in respect of the victims of September 11th.


S'more additions to the gallery. Enjoy!


Added a piece of original art to the art gallery.


It's sure been a while... Well, I'm rather busy lately. Anyway, I made some additions to the gallery. Original art. Enjoy! ^_^


Yeih! Added another drawing, an illustration of kat and my roleplay, Vincent Delacroix. Please proceed directly to the gallery! ^_^


Holy crap! It's been ages! Well, not really! I've been doing some stuff but always putting off announcing it because it wasn't quite done yet! ´_`:: It still isn't, but I know many already discovered it, so here it is: I've added Jesus Christ Superstar to the movie section. There'll be a lot more soon!
Today I added a piece of "original fan art" ^_~. It's Mikiro, a character my dear friend kat is playing in our roleplay together! I'll be sure to add more characters soon!


The "help desk" is now active. Some useful things to know, my cliques and groups... stuff like that. Click the ?.
I got around adding my fanfics! It was about time, ne? It's under "stuff / My Scribblings / My Fanfiction" (d'uh).


Added some Gundam Wing fan art to the gallery.


What can I say? The Digimon muse got me bad. I added another piece of Digimon 02 fan art. Since they seem to pile up, I added a Digimon section to the gallery.


Some Digimon 02 art added to my gallery, plus a whole bunch of old art and the two versions of the Son of the Dark cover art. Java is now all through the gallery.


Finally, my site about queer cinema is up! I'm so proud! Happy Easter to y'all!


I've added a small selection of my poetry at "My Scribblings". For that purpose I rearranged this section a wee bit. I need to add my fanfics soon. I also adjusted the link-addy of "Open Your Mind - Open Your Heart".


I get the feeling I should come up with a witty April's Fool prank, but I'm not feeling very creative right now... ´_`:
Added some new funny oneliners.


New art added to the gallery. Introducing java there, too. Design changed a bit.


Added a couple of quotes to the movie quotes and reduced the size images at the Silver Screen a bit.


Weeeeeeeh! Finally activated the first link at the Beaux Arts section! *_* The movies room. It looks awesome, if I may say! Not all the movies are available yet, but enjoy the beautiful layout with me ^_^. I'm very proud of it. It takes a while to load, but I will work on it. Java required.


Oh dear. That's what happens when your webhost lets you down. Almost two weeks of no updates! What a shame! But as you probably could see, it was a horrible sight, with the banners and all. Didn't want to waste my efforts on such crap.

However! Now we're in our new and beautiful home! Celebrate with me, my friends! It's the same as before, even better, I assume, because we're completely banner and advertisement free! Hurray! Thank you for your patience, friends! ^_^


Added Rhysenn's cool shipper button to my Harry Potter page.


As you can see, I have added a new section to the navigation paper sheet. Please make sure to hit refresh so you can see the new "Beaux Arts". It's not completely done yet, thus the link is broken, but it's gonna be there soon and it's gonna be big! ^_~ Stay tuned!


I finally actived the link to the music quotes. Enjoy.


I added a whole bunch of quotes. Most of them I put on top of the page, but some I moved several times because I didn't know where to put them. Namely, the gay quotes. I couldn't really decide where to put them, so I spread them all over the place. It's just so difficult to decide sometimes. If you're interested in those, best scroll down way to the end of the page. I also added movie and people quotes which I put on top. Same with the oneliners.


Added an illustration to my story 'Burning Together' to the Gallery.


Added some very cool fun quotes! Check it out! I've also added a Mr. Ripley pagey (veeery small) some days ago, but made the link only public for my MLs. I'll add some more stuff to it and then I'll put up a proper link ^_^. I need to revamp the VG Gallery...


I've made my web counter visible ^_^. Been tracking it for a months now and thought if it's not embarrassing, then I'll do it. And here it is. I'm pretty content with the hits I get. I just wonder why nobody ever writes into my guestbook . I'd really love that, ya know.


I've finally added something *really* personal! Check out my Getting-to-know-You surveys at About / Me, myself & I / Facts, Facts, Facts.


Did some minor adjustments and additions to the quotes-section. Not really worth to mention. I'll add some more poetry ad literature soon. Put up a banner of the YAOI and YURI Support on the Web at my fanfiction section until I find a better place.


I'm so busy with my exams lately and since I have to devote so much time to literature I thought: why not use it for my website? So there you go, I added a section about Tennyson's In Memoriam, to be accessed over the quotes section Poetry. Don't know yet, this might become a new QuickPick or I'll just move it to the literature shelf, once it's done. Until then, for your enjoyment.


Finally put up the Vampires Gallery under "Stuff / A Whiter Shade of Pale". I'm quite proud of it, actually. I think the design is great and I really tried to use Javascript this time. I'm just sorry that those great effects only show with the IE, but what can you do? *sighs*
I really have to introduce the movie section, soon. It's getting confusing.

Update: okay, for some strange and unknown reason, the URL to the gallery wouldn't work before. Then it did and the links to the images were broken! This dirty little *****... I don't really have the time to fix it now. I just hope it shows okay and it's only my browser that screws things up...


Added this nifty countdown to the main page. Okay, it's silly, but I'm just amusing myself, really. *_* You'll have to have Java enabled to see it in its full splendor, I'm afraid, but since I'm planning to add more Java stuff sooner or later, this will be a good time to start ^_^.


Added more stuff to my Miguel Bosé part of the QuickPick.


Finally linked to the new QuickPick. Gonna add more stuff later.


I've become aware of the CSS problem in the people's quotes section. Sheesh! Fixed that. Didn't manage to finish the new Quick Pick today. Gotta be tomorrow, I guess.


Well, I haven't actually updated anything today, but I've already uploaded quite a few nice files for the upcoming Quick Pick, so stay tuned ^_~.


Added a whole bunch of quotes by Noel Coward at the people's section, some new gay quotes and some fun quotes.


Some adjustments at the quote sections and added a quote to the movies and to the fun quotes. Found a stupid typo at the quotes main page and got rid of it *blush*. Problem with the link to my fics on fixed. Those suckers just changed to URL! ^_^


Made some minor adjustments to the Quick Picks, updated some things at the quote section and added some quotes to the fun quotes. Introduced the Logbook.


Added the Quick Pick section, featuring Radio Free Vestibules with an mp3 of one of their skits and some info.